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Metallics are big news in wedding accessories, so most wedding schemes will feature some silver or gold, but an entirely silver wedding can be a truly spectacular event. Combining silver with white is ideal for achieving a winter wonderland effect, or it can be used alongside various blues and purples for added depth. A fresh springtime look might be silver with yellow, white and grey or you could mix silver with pink if you want a more contemporary effect than pink with gold.

Stationary for a silver wedding

Silver is one of the classic colours for wedding invitations, so you should have a wide choice of designs. Silver wedding invitations printing can be hard to read on a white card, but looks beautiful on a dark grey card.

Typical wedding motifs such as bells and lucky horse shoes are often in silver, and if you are making your wedding stationary by hand you can use silver stick on crystals and stars to accentuate your theme. Place your wedding invitations in silver envelopes, and use sterling silver photo stands for your place names; these can double up as bombonieres.

Flowers for a silver wedding

Naturally silver flowers are difficult to find, although there are a number of plants with naturally silver foliage that could be incorporated into white arrangements. Lavender is one of these, and it has the advantage that it will naturally scent your silver wedding.

If you really want silver flowers you can have white ones sprayed, or use artificial flowers which can be made in any colour. You can also use crystal pins or glitter to add a silver sparkle to your flower arrangements and bouquet, and you can choose a silver tulle bouquet wrap and large silver vases for your table centres.

Decorations for a silver wedding

You can use a variety of materials to create a dramatic effect at your silver wedding. Place large mirrors to give the appearance of space, use glass and crystal to reflect the light, and source stainless steel equipment such as the cake stand, flower containers, candle sticks, and food trays.

Silver trees make fantastic centrepieces for a winter wonderland wedding. Simply spray individual branches silver, stand them in metal or glass containers and adorn them with shiny ornaments. Silver decoration icing isn’t a very appetising choice, so simply accessorise your white wedding cake with silver flowers, ribbons, stars or butterflies.

Outfits for a silver wedding

Silver wedding dresses may be quite rare, but more and more designers are taking up the challenge of bringing some colour into wedding gowns, and metallics are a popular choice. A pale silver wedding dress still looks sufficiently bridal, but is a break from the norm. Alternatively, a white dress with silver beading, embroidery or details can work with a silver wedding theme. Look out for silver shoes, a shimmering silver tiara, or even a silver corsage to complete the look.

Your bridesmaids will look stunning in silver, but depending on your overall colour palette you could choose dresses in another colour with silver accessories. Bridesmaids with warmer skin tones may not suit silver, so look out for yellow or pink dresses with silver details instead. The groom and his groomsmen will look the part in pale or dark grey suits with white shirts and silver accessories.